The Story of Pablo Escobar's Crystal Decanter

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  An American Real Estate developer is auctioning off a glass Brandy decanter which he found at one of the Homes of the infamous Drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar.

  The Developer found the decanter semi buried in the dirt in a wooded area behind the El Penol home of the world's most notorious Drug lord while scouting the local area for properties in 2007. 

  From 2003 to 2009 Mike was developing projects and selling real estate throughout Colombia.

  In 2006 he joined forces with a local Medellin Developer and Architect, Rafael Garcia of Plaza Magazine Inmobilliario TV to develop various projects with foreign investors in the booming Medellin area. 

  The developer explained that while visiting the Guatape and El penol area he took a ride on a friends boat to one of the orginal semi demolished Escobar homes.

  He goes on to explain how he came to find the decanter,"while Looking through the rear bedroom of  the semi demolished home, out of the corner of my eye I saw a sparkle under a cluster of trees in the back, upon approach thinking it was some broken glass, I  noticed  it was some kind of semi buried bottle, as I dug it out I found the top and saw that it was a brandy type decanter. I envisoned some Escobar Guard sitting on watch drinking away the night".

  What most people outside of Colombia don't know is that Escobar remains a hero to many and is still considered a modern Robin Hood who donated millions of dollars to the poor throughout Medellín's negihborhoods.

  Escobar was born in Envigado, a Medellin barrio and he had many homes with the Guatape, El penol area ones being a favorite.

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  Due to the strict laws that the Colombian Government has in force regarding the exporting of national treasures, it was never mentioned in the local News that the developer found it.

  As Rafael Garcia* who was there the day of the find explains, "A lot of Colombians are very protective of anything that involves the Legendary Escobar, and so for safety reasons we did not mention the find for years to anyone ".

   Now that he has moved back to the United States, he has decided to auction it off on Ebay.


* Rafael Garcia:


El Penol house where the decanter was found

The area to the left behind the house in the wooded tree area is the spot where the decanter was found

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